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New CEU opportunities from the Dairy Alliance for TSNA Members to earn 1.5 hours of Professional Development!

It has been a difficult time to have live-group trainings, so The Dairy Alliance has development some wonderful YouTube short training videos. Whether you are having in person or virtual staff meetings and looking for some new ideas, please consider using our videos. The videos may also be posted on your social media platforms. The links below include a short quiz and follow up information. Once the easy quiz is submitted, we will send the participants their CEU certificate and quiz answers, along with any other additional resources requested.  You can earn up to 1.5 hours of PD. The USDA Professional Standards coding is included with each training. Please feel free to contact Cindy Cooper at ccooper@thedairyalliance.com  for any (live, recorded, or virtual) training requests, resources, or grant information.

·  Strive for 35 During Alternative Feeding (HACCP-focused)

o  Video training: https://youtu.be/4Ou5uAzG_fI

o Quiz: https://thedairyalliance.com/dairy-in-schools/strive-for-35-with-alternative-feeding-quiz/

·  MOOving Dairy 

o Video training: https://youtu.be/MY78hVs9VZo

o Quiz: https://thedairyalliance.com/dairy-in-schools/mooving-dairy-with-alternative-feeding-quiz/

·  Dairy Good

o Video Training: https://youtu.be/EwUaGgzNTrY

o Quiz: https://thedairyalliance.com/dairy-in-schools/dairy-good-for-you-good-for-the-planet-scavenger-hunt/


 The next annual conference will be June 12  – June 16, 2022.  Since we were able to move the dates for second time without penality, we agreed to have the 2023 conference in Gatlinburg as well.  The dates for that conference will be June 11  – June 15, 2023.

On a separate note, we are under contract for this website to be totally red-done from start to finish.  The start date hasn't been determined as of yet but I hope to be able to post it here and if not, through email.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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